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Jul 26 16


Our Solution
Improving care, communication, and outcomes by making data more meaningful.
Sickbay – a vendor-neutral, FDA-cleared Clinical Intelligence Platform, for real-time virtual patient monitoring and patient-centric analytics.
  • Manage alarms across all bedside devices from one location
  • Optimize alarm limits for an individual patient in under 2 minutes
  • Remotely monitor real-time vitals from ANY connected device
  • See ALL patient history including vitals and waveforms from 1 second to 1 year
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Remotely view multiple patients across units, across the hospital, or even across facilities.

Alarm Manager

Track alarm KPIs, meet NPSG, and reduce nuisance alarms by 80% or more.


View patient vitals and waveforms, plus labs and events, from any networked PC, tablet, or phone.

Rapid Research

Triple your research grant output by manipulating and viewing data on the fly using standard development tools.