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The Data Dilemma

Access to healthcare data beyond the point of care is a challenge. Siloed, proprietary systems lock it down. They don’t talk to each other. They often prevent access beyond the bedside or central station.

This lack of data access leads to:

Missed Events

Missed Events

Delays in Care

Delays in Care

Increased Patient Risk

Increased Patient Risk

And that’s just access to data the hospital is already collecting. When you start adding in the latest requirements around machine learning and analytics, and the idea of early warning scores and smart alarms, it seems like a near unsurmountable battle to overcome.

Unlocking the Power of Data to Power the Transformation of Care

Learn more about a proven methodology to unifying disparate, siloed patient data and transforming it into actionable information to reduce risk, improve care, and save lives.

See how Sickbay enables care transformation

See how the same platform can be used to create new predictive monitors with risk scores and smart alarms to get ahead of deterioration hours in advance

Unlock YOUR data for remote monitoring, waveform integration, early warning score, and more.

Capture lost data and transform it into actionable information.

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