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Feb 20 18

Landing Page Webinar


Can we teach machines to recognize acute events before they occur?

Find out by attending our webinar:

Predictive Analytics in Critical Care Environments

Patient surveillance is proven to improve outcomes. This is typically done by increasing the number of nurses in a unit. What if we could:

  • Teach computers to provide similar layers of surveillance
  • Train an algorithm to recognize an acute event before it occurs
  • Incorporate this automated surveillance into clinical workflow

Join Us to find out how Texas Children’s Hospital is using real-time, predictive analytics to do all of the above. Learn more about their creation of an automated event detector for arrest prediction and more. Discover how your hospital can leverage your existing infrastructure to realize similar benefits.

March 27th, 2018
12:00 PM EST
(US and Canada)


Chief Technology Officer
Medical Informatics Corp.

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Pediatric Cardiology
Baylor College of Medicine
Texas Children’s Hospital

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Computational
and Applied Mathematics
Rice University

  • 30+  peer reviewed papers
  • 6  new predictive algorithms and goal directed therapies
  • 1  FDA cleared medical device
  • Funded by   the American Heart Association, National Institute of Health, and Pediatric Heart Association