Medical Informatics Corp. Returns from TEDMED 2015

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We traveled to California, collaborated with The Hive, soaked up information, and can’t wait to do it again next year. Medical informatics Corp. (MIC) was chosen to to participate in The Hive at TEDMED 2015. This event allows startups to showcase innovation, highlight inspiring entrepreneurs, and brainstorm on ways to create a healthier tomorrow. The following write-up details our experience at this wonderful event.

What was TEDMED like?

Imagine putting some of the brightest minds in healthcare in one room. That’s TEDMED. It was a 3-day event packed with amazing presentations, interactive demos, and conversations with some of the most intelligent individuals I have ever met.

It was more than regular conference activities to fill time. Every hour was an opportunity to learn more and work towards creating a healthier tomorrow.

What Did We Bring Back?

You can’t go on a trip without bring back souvenirs. In lieu of T-shirts, we’re coming back with a greater presence on Twitter, a deeper appreciation for the challenges clinicians face in healthcare today.

We additionally gained a better understanding of other breakthrough happening in the healthcare industry, and an even stronger work ethic. By surrounding ourselves with other startups and entrepreneurs, we know that a healthier tomorrow will happen.

Thank You TEDMED

It was an honor to be chosen to participate in The Hive at TEDMED 2015. Breakthroughs happen when collaboration does. I look forward to future collaboration with these wonderful individuals and being a part of more TEDMED events. Thank you Palm Springs. Thank you TedMed. And thank you to those making a difference.

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